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Noble & Roxboro Elementary Students Perform "Rise Up"
Feb. 16, 2021 -- Music can be used for healing: That’s a statement most humans would agree with and one that has certainly proven true throughout the pandemic, as people use music to connect with one another and express their gratitude, pain or hope. 

Elementary music teacher Jenna Tucker engaged her 4th and 5th grade students at both Noble and Roxboro Elementary in a series of lessons about how music heals and helps people express themselves. She then invited volunteers to a special “virtual choir” class to put their voices to good use. Children from both schools plus the Ohio Online program enrolled, yet another example of music bringing people together. 

Students learned the vocal components of the song “Rise Up” by Andra Day as well as the technical skills necessary to record their parts and combine them into one project. Ms. Tucker reports that many students spent a lot of time recording and re-recording their parts to get them “just right.” 

The end result is just right indeed.

The following students are featured in the :

Abigail Shields
Adelaide Hallett
Alessandra Murray
Ashlynn Freeman
Ava Moses
Darshay Johnson
Hayden Dowdy
Hugo Posner
Isaac Wilcox
Jalia Wyley
Joshiya Beddingfield
Julia Lyford
Katherine Welfley
Kyndall McCann
Laila Briggs
Layia Andrews
Malikka Eskridge
Maren Shriver
Mariam Kurashvili
Melina Broome
Mia Leidtke
Noah Millard
Oliver Costello
Shane Lacey
Sienna Mokotoff  
Zari'ah Smith